Josephine Larsen trained at BRISTOL OLD VIC THEATRE SCHOOL (1971-4) and went on to study classic and modern dance with BUDD THOMPSON for 5yrs in Copenhagen. Since then Josephine has enjoyed a 40+yr professional career as actress, dancer, director, teacher and performance writer all over Europe and in a wide variety of dramatic manifestations: Cabaret, Rock Theatre, Fringe, State Funded Classical Theatre, American/GermanT.V., Film and Radio. She has also explored Surreal Art Forms and Poetry in Performance. She speaks English, German, Danish and en peu French. In parallel, she developed ART 14 - a unique system of coaching actors and non-actors towards self--actualisation and supreme confidence.

Performing REGAN in King Lear, Bathanian House, Berlin

Josephine’s unusual career was launched when she became the ‘star’ of LA VIE EN ROSE (Berlin Cabaret 1979 - 81). This led to her performance in the French cult film CLEMENTINE TANGO, which ran for 5yrs in Paris, Los Angeles, Rome and Berlin, opening doors to working closely with pioneering artists, such as IAN McNAUGHTON (director of MONTHY PYTHON); VLADEK SHEYBAL (WOMEN IN LOVE, STRIKE IT RICH); ALEXANDER FORD (creator of the Polish Film Industry); MARIANNE SEGEBRECHT (BAGDAD CAFÉ, ROSALIE GOES SHOPPING), BRUNO GANZ (WINGS OF DESIRE, DOWNFALL). Josephine was also a member of the acclaimed REINEKE FUCHS ROCK OPERA (1982 - 87) working with LUTZ ULBRICH. She was later a member of the avant-garde BERLIN PLAY ACTORS (1987- 95). She has enjoyed front and centre page publicity, entertaining political and cultural V.I.P's in Berlin, including ROMY HAAG, NINA HAGEN and the ROLLING STONES.

SHORT SHRIFTS -Performing MISS BRATTY with Peter Oswald

Since 1995 she has been living and working in Devon. In parallel with her teaching and continued professional work in Berlin, she has managed and directed experimental theatre companies based in Devon e.g. TRANSFORM THEATRE, BUBBLE OPTIC, HEARTS TONGUE, THE ATTENTION SEEKERS and THE ABYSS. From 2002-2012 she worked closely with PETER OSWALD (resident writer of the GLOBE, London) touring a show called SHORT SHIFTS (12 short plays by Peter Oswald) accompanied by MARTIN (TRUMPET) HOLLAND and the poetic works of ALICE OSWALD (T.S.Eliot Award). The tour included venues in South Devon, Bristol, Stroud and London (SOHO THEATRE).

Dancing SALOME at La Vie En Rose, Berlin

Performing the GOLDEN EAGLE in the cult film CLEMENTINE TANGO, Paris

In 2007-8 Josephine also hosted a T.V. Style Cabaret Chat Show called SURREAL SALOON at the PHOENIX Arts Centre, Exeter, platforming the experimental works of a broad range of local artists from musicians to magicians.

Josephine has co-written (with PRISCILLA BE) a stage play called SHEROSE - a metaphysical farce about exploding female icons. She is currently writing her autobiography, a new type of science fiction, where the heroine is a spirit in many disguises, with the working title: THE FEMALE SHADOW.  

Her new book THE POWER OF ACTING – discovering the person behind the mask – was published in 2016 and is now purchasable on Amazon and on this website.