Tommy Robinson

September 1, 2018


I WAS DEEPLY moved by Tommy Robinson's 2015 speech at the Oxford Union, which I have to admit I watched yesterday for the first time. I have inserted the Video below, in case you haven't seen it yourselves.


I am profoundly moved by his continued determination to speak about this strangely taboo subject - the growing presence of extreme Muslim dogma in this country - despite the fact that doing so puts his life and the lives of those closest to him in danger. To this day, he continues to raise awareness around this issue, except of course he can't when he is in isolation in a prison cell, which he has been many times. Back in prison again, waiting for a retrial, Tommy is now again in the centre of heated debate and controversy. He has earned my deepest respect for his bravery and courage. 


First, I have to say that I am neither Left nor Right Wing orientated, being a person who tends not to get involved in political debate. I tend to sit safely on the fence watching silently as anger escalates and extreme parties hurl their shadowy and self-righteous arguments at each other. I am a Taoist in mind and heart. I work with the Shadow. Although I have been described as 'dangerous', when leading my ACTING & IMPRO classes, I try to exercise what I call common sense in all things. I try my best to actively listen to both sides of any argument and can usually see that both sides make a few valid points that the other party is not hearing. I continue to be amazed that human beings have not yet evolved a way of discussing politics, religion, personal beliefs and scientific development without resorting to stubborn debate, opposition and separation. Is there not a third way? I think we need to redefine what intelligence is. More on this another time. Back to Tommy Robinson.


I have watched Tommy Robinson's body language carefully in several videos now. I watch his eyes carefully. They speak to me of truth, genuine fear, frustration and emotion in the face of real danger. He gives countless examples of incidents where the police - who were just doing their duty - were arresting and punishing the wrong people. 


I watched the Oxford Union audience's body language carefully too during his speech - an audience that was probably mostly comprised of middle class Leftists. I might be wrong, but following Jordan Peterson's description of the way university students are indoctrinated in Leftist Social Politics, Post Modernism and Relativism and considering how expensive university fees are, I expect they were. And this was Oxford University. Either way, the members of the audience that I could see in the video (see below) were hanging their heads, turning sheepishly to see what others thought and appearing in part to be fearfully dis-engaged. They looked awkward... certainly compared with other Oxford Union speeches, where they were riveted and positively engaged. Further more the questions at the end of the speech were armed with confrontational reprimands about Tommy Robinson's earlier associations with Right Wing movements. 


Have I missed the point somewhere? Tommy Robinson is street wise; a brave working class young man, who may have made some youthful mistakes. He openly admits this. Although he left school with 7 A-levels (one A and 6 B/Cs), when one is 19-21yrs, what does one really know? On the streets, it is the gangs that rule society. In the moment where he found himself surrounded by the extreme Right in the EDL, he opted out - again at the risk of his life.


Tommy is clearly saying that he is neither Left nor Right orientated. He is clearly a loving Dad, who wants to be and is friends with Muslims and other cultures. He is not opposed to diversity. He knows that there are many Muslims in Britain today, who want the same as him. He is simply telling it the way it is on the streets of Luton with regards to the threat of Islamic extremists. And what he describes is frightening. Very frightening! Similar things are happening in Europe and other cities in Britain.


Without the support of the police and the government, how on earth are we supposed to deal with this form of extremism, from both the Right wing Nazis and the Islamist Shia doctrines and now also from the Left wingers, who believe in acceptance, inclusion, political correctness, tolerance and 'compassion' to the point of stupidity? If anyone doesn't understand what I mean by the latter, then I highly recommend they watch the documentary 'Stranger In Paradise' on Amazon Prime.


I don't, at this point, have any solutions other than to promote freedom of speech through open dialogue, conversation and active listening; to encourage people to be courageous and say what they think and feel, even if it appears to be politically incorrect. Why let Tommy be the only one to stand up for the truth of the middle way? Why don't we all do it? Even at the risk of 'appearing to incite extremism'? Is silence any better? I truly hope that Tommy Robinson is not murdered in prison, because of our lack of awareness about what is actually happening in society today. Let us hope that it is not too late. 



The Q&A session following his main speech can be found on the internet. 


Tommy asks several times: What would you do? No-one at the Oxford Union, as far as I can tell, attempted to answer this important question. I ask you again now: What would you do? My answer is that, in the absence of any just support from the police and governmental forces, I would probably be very frustrated, scared and angry and I hope very much that I would have the courage to do the same as him... plus encourage lobbying with Muslims and Brits alike. I am aware that posting this blog probably also puts me at some risk, but I would be very interested to hear what you think, if you care/dare to speak about it honestly and openly. Is there anything I have missed or need to know about?





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