Our innovative artistic platforms include surreal cabarets, contemporary/classic plays, soirées, happenings, open-mic events, newly devised works and after show discussions. We provide emerging artists of all kinds, opportunities to contribute, work, play and create alongside highly experienced theatre practitioners.

Our workshops open windows of new perception to self and others. The professional techniques we use and the games we play develop the power of imagination and a real passion for the fun and freedom of acting and improvising in LIFE, as well as on STAGE.

Our core values promote and uphold every individuals’ right and responsibility to be joyously creative, daring, resourceful and informed, whilst engaging directly with modern epidemic issues of social division, isolation, anxiety, stress, depression and other associated mental health ‘disorders’, regardless of theatrical experience, cultural background, age, gender or financial status.


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EVENTS 2018-19

TWO SHORT PLAYS: An evening of thought provoking theatre and after-show discussion. 1.THE PRISONER by Sophia Sheridan What happens when an innocent young man becomes conscious in a cell and his jailer is a Russian hit-man?  2. ZOO STORY by Edward Albee  A performance of Albee’s famous masterpiece about the animal & angel in man. In rehearsal. Dates in planning (end of July). 

TALKING BOLLOCKS - a male response to ‘The Vagina Monologues’.  Through a series of staged monologues, eight men from diverse backgrounds and ages, talk about the vulnerability of men. We are applying for ARTS COUNIL FUNDING. In planning for Spring 2019.

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SOIREE EVENTS - TFT members are invited to watch or perform a piece of work (following a theme), discuss, drink, eat, share, network and enjoy. Venue and dates in planning.



IMPRO/ACTING (advanced)

Monday  7-10pm  BOGAN HOUSE, Totnes   £15 per 3hr session

IMPRO/ACTING (beginners/intermediate)

Thursday  7-10pm  BOGAN HOUSE, Totnes   £15 per 3 hr session