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In these highly creative workshops that take place over a long weekend, we explore various impro and performance techniques in order to develop and discover each participant's unique creative potential. With that potential in mind, we create a series of short visual performances with text, mask, costume, music, dance, stories, lighting... whatever comes to the imagination. These workshops are quite intensive, personally profound (in an auto-biographical way) and are a huge amount of fun. The over-arching aim is to design and deliver a small private cabaret-style show (1hr. max) for the group's own invited guests on the final night!


Sounds amazing? 


I have led these weekend workshops many times, in three different languages, both in Europe and the UK and it works! It's a chance to do something you have never done before, with quality coaching and support. The results are eternally different, fascinating and engaging. It's inevitably life-changing for all concerned. Including me! As follows:


Cost: £200 per participant.

The group has to be small (min/max 6-9) players.

These workshops can be tailored to your group or community, whether it be a vocational group or a business company, with regards to venue and timing, but ideally they occur:

Friday evening (19:00-22:00): Introductions - Getting to know each other and an exploration of basic playful techniques, fun ideas and goal setting.

Saturday (10:00-18:00): Creative challenges and exploration of individual ideas. 

Sunday (10:00-18:00): Development of group's ideas with costumes and rehearsal of final performance.

Sunday (19:00 - 22:00): Setting up. Guests arrive. c.1 hr performance. Feedback and celebrations.

Please message me via my CONTACT page email address to find out more and to plan/discuss a tailored weekend workshop for your company, school or business. Or go to the main WORKSHOPS page to discover courses and projects that are already on-going.

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