ACTING is a vast, but relatively unknown subject. Millions are fascinated by it, but never get the chance to study even the basics of this skill.     

Why not?  Surely the possession of such knowledge would be of great advantage in any walk of life, and not just the preserve of stage and film? 

Having studied, practiced and taught the art of acting now for over 40 years - in three different languages - it has become clear to me that this all-encompassing and ancient human art form is as fundamental to the self-actualisation of a human being as reading, writing and maths. So, why are we not taught these playful and transformative skills in school?


My book uncovers why, and reveals top acting secrets, techniques and games that will dramatically change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

NEW EDITION coming soon! Same book, but a new cover and layout! This will be published by Authoright (Clink Street) and internationally distributed via Amazon, Waterstones and Barns & Noble.
Should be out in the Autumn 2022! Watch this space. 
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This is a wonderfully helpful book regarding the importance of adults learning to play again, in order to free themselves from the oppressive everyday tramlines we follow… Josephine is a great inspiration to many people and this book will show you why.

Peter Richardson – founder of the COMIC STRIP troupe, which included Nigel Planer and launched the careers of French and Saunders and Rik Mayall

Sculptress of the creative spirit, enkindling in even our most timid selves a passion for play, interconnectedness, listening, ritual and generosity on all of life’s stages, Josephine is an indelible force of love and wisdom, at once ready for a fit of laughter or all hell to break loose. For her teachings and humanity, my immeasurable gratitude! Watch out for that fourth wall; you might fall through it reading this book.

Seumas F. Sargent - Performer, Blue Man Group, Berlin

You’re a rock, an inspiration, a star - I wish to the heavens I'd had teachers like you when I was at school!!! My God, I could have done anything.

Richard Down – a player

My life changed beyond all recognition during the last four years coming to your classes with many, many challenges. The safe loving environment you created has been a great source of strength - even when I have been unable to attend! It has been a very important part of my liberation.

Louise Gough – a player

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