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Learning the games that humans play.


Learning Acting is edgy stuff. No doubt about it. And fun.


In a very safe space, together, we learn about the psychic and body-language games that humans play. Through action, play and observation, we witness life's many curious paradoxes - one of which is that acting is not necessarily about 'pretending to be'. It's very much about exploring the real you - discovering the parts of your Self that are literally dying to come out and play.


If you know the game, you won't get so easily played.

Josephine Larsen The Power of Acting



Millions are fascinated by ACTING, but never get the chance to study even the basics of this skill. Why not? Surely the possession of such knowledge would be of great advantage in any walk of life, and not just the preserve of stage and film? 

Having studied, practiced and taught the art of acting now for over 40 years, it has become clear to me that this all-encompassing and ancient human art form is as fundamental to the self-actualisation of a human being as reading, writing and maths. So, why are we not taught these playful and transformative skills in school?


My book uncovers why, and reveals top acting secrets, techniques and games that will dramatically change the way you see yourself and the world around you.


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