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Normally adult players (18yrs+) pay a lot of money and

go to LONDON, or any other large city in the UK, to get professional training in theatre or film acting techniques,

but, right here in the heart of Devon, you can find what you are searching for at very affordable prices.

Josephine Larsen Acting & Confidence Training

LEVEL 1 - BASIC IMPRO SKILLS - for fun and socialisation - exploring fears and creative blocks, imagination and gifts - developing confidence through play.

LEVEL 2 - ACTING TECHNIQUES & IMPRO - an introduction to the skills and disciplines of professional acting, including METHOD and CLASSIC techniques.

LEVEL 3 - MASTER CLASSES to hone your skills and receive guidance and coaching for working in the professional world of Stage & Film.

1-2-1 SESSIONS - Coaching for auditions and personal development.

JOSEPHINE LARSEN has been deeply involved with theatre since she was 11 yrs old. Now with a formal education (Bristol Old Vic Theatre School 1971-4) and a qualification in teaching the Performing Arts (Cert ED FE 2003), she has over 40yrs experience in teaching Acting and Impro skills, in 3 different languages (English, German and Danish). She has been fortunate to have had a pioneering career in Theatre, Dance, Film and Stage Direction in Europe. Her teachings are rooted in a profound understanding of the human creative spirit and the vital importance of SELF-ACTUALISATION through the arts. Her teaching methods are drawn from a rich background in METHOD and CLASSICAL acting techniques but, above all, shaped by her unique approach to building confidence in one's SELF. 

Josephine Larsen The Power of Acting

ABOUT THE BOOK?             

Millions are fascinated by ACTING, but never get the chance to study even the basics of this skill. Why not? Surely the possession of such knowledge would be of great advantage in any walk of life, and not just the preserve of stage and film? 

Having studied, practiced and taught the art of acting now for over 40 years, it has become clear to me that this all-encompassing and ancient human art form is as fundamental to the self-actualisation of a human being as reading, writing and maths. So, why are we not taught these playful and transformative skills in school?


My book uncovers why, and reveals top acting secrets, techniques and games that will dramatically change the way you see yourself and the world around you. Purchase a copy in Kindle or Paperback

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