Due to COVID19 classes have sadly been put on hold, but will resume when ever possible!  In the meantime, virtual one-to-one classes, prep for auditions and professional career advise or consultations can be arranged.

For  future enrollment or more specific details about what's happening, workshop content, what to expect OR if you are interested in organising a special training session, a group weekend workshop (max 12 participants) or 1-2-1 coaching/mentoring for auditions, please CONTACT Josephine to discuss details.



Josephine has taught for over 40 years in three different languages (German, Danish and English) using a combination of classic METHOD ACTING techniques and the most effective IMPROVISATION techniques to build SELF-confidence in both actors and non-actors (18yrs+). Based on her discoveries working with students of very different needs and backgrounds (including people from the East Block after the Berlin Wall came down) she has written her book THE POWER OF ACTING - discovering the person behind the mask (which can be purchased on this site). 


The universal human need for on-going personal development, renewed purpose and meaning throughout life, as well as a continued search for authenticity, truth, mystical wonder and beauty in life are the main inspirational drives behind Josephine's work. Her unique insights, gathered over 4 decades of professional acting, dancing, directing, study and teaching are well documented to have facilitated creative daring, imaginative freedom, insatiable curiosity, profound transformation and individual SELF-ACTUALISATION in hundreds of her students, whom she calls 'players'.  All the world's a stage ... and we are all players...


Josephine's unique conceptual and experiential revelations spiral through 14 stages of highly imaginative play at three levels (BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED). Her unusual creative challenges and games inspire an ever increasing awareness and knowledge of Self and Others, leading each player towards being fearless in the 'paradoxical zone' of real life. The name Art14 symbolises the Taoist alchemy of 'the marriage of the opposites'.

TESTIMONY FROM PETER OSWALD - then resident playwright of the GLOBE THEATRE, London. 

           "I would like to recommend Josephine Larsen as strongly as possible for the position of mentor. When in 2001 I approached her with the idea of starting a theatre company, she invited me to attend her acting course, Art 14, which I did. I was then able to observe and experience her way of nurturing people, some of them very much lacking in self-esteem. I was extremely impressed by her ability to be both protective and adventurous, to enable people to go as far as they wanted in creative terms, and then, without knowing it, or regretting it, perhaps even further. She was not above expelling a threatening person from the group. On the other hand, I don't think she ever refused to admit anyone on the grounds that they were too hopeless or repressed or depressed! I had myself on numerous occasions tried to become a performer, but it was Josephine who finally enabled me to do this, with great benefits to me personally and professionally. She is both encouraging and realistic, two things that can only be combined through the medium of imagination. It is the realm of Imagination that Josephine is especially gifted in being able to access. She has thoroughly absorbed the work of Keith Johnstone among others, and added her own experience of so many years of professional performance. She has a wonderful understanding of the imaginative side of literature and life, and is gifted herself as a writer and storyteller. She has developed her abilities through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, but also through her work with Heart's Tongue, the company that we, together with various Art 14 students, went on to found. Developing a semi-professional theatre company requires both boundless optimism and stark realism; difficult things, as I have said, to combine. However, Josephine has succeeded in doing this, to the extent that the company is thriving and developing five years on.


I am deeply aware that Josephine is driven by a belief in the transformational power of theatre, and not by narrow personal ambition. She is dedicated to seeking out and bringing to life the theatrical gifts latent in her community. She can find these gifts where few others can – in the depressed and the self-doubting, the wounded and the frustrated – and is able, with great warmth, humour, experience and discipline, to coax them out with the irresistible lure of the imagination."