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Current Events in 2023


Every Monday in Totnes, Devon 

6:30 - 9:30 - BOGAN HOUSE* £15 (3hr session) 

1. These are not your regular 'just-for-fun' Improv classes, although fun is key and essential for discovery!  I also include quite intense Method Acting exercises and games, in order to create more focus, authenticity and personal motivation. In short, these 3hr sessions are about SELF-DISOVERY and SELF-ACTUALISATION and some in-depth psychology and psychic awareness is required. It's about building confidence in your own gut instincts, tapping into your imagination (which never dies) and working with the common unconscious. 


2. I expect the sessions to be a 'drop in' maybe for a short while, until a strong core group has formed. After that we can work to develop skills and ideas to another level, with maybe the intention of putting on a very special private performance of some kind - a surreal cabaret of sorts.


3. The group can be between 6-10 players. I prefer working with small groups, because I want to be able to give each individual maximum attention. Once we have formed a strong core group regular attendance will be vital. 

Book first by contacting me personally, as regular places are limited and it's a first-come-first-served basis. You can be added to the email list for regular reminders and updates!  CONTACT JOSEPHINE 

COMING SOON! I plan to create a second weekly class in Totnes, because the Monday classes are very full. Watch this space! I will also be holding intensive workshops in Glastonbury and Berlin later this year. Watch this space!

I also give the occasional CCSW 'once a month class' at Exeter PHOENIX Arts Centre. Here's the link for those bookings: Creative Culture South West Improv classes.


*To find the VENUES where the classes take place, please go to my CONTACT page, where you can find addresses, google maps and locations.


LEVEL 1 - little to no experience, just for fun and socialisation, exploring fears and creative blocks - the first step towards SELF-actualisation and a new more vibrant, courageous YOU!

LEVEL 2 - players with a strong grounding in Level 1, who are serious about developing their skills - an introduction to the disciplines of ACTING & IMPROV at a public performance level.

LEVEL 3 - Master Classes at a PROFESSIONAL level - experienced & professional players only.

If still in doubt, CONTACT me and let's have a chat about your past experience and your aims!    

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