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Events in 2024

MONDAY's 6:30 - 9:30 Bogan House, Totnes, Devon. £15 (3hr session)

Starting Monday 15th April - 10th June. Experienced Players only! Currently full.

A new advanced Monday group will start 22nd JULY - ENROLE NOW.


WEDNESDAY's drop-in 6:30 - 9:30 Bogan House, Totnes. £15 (3hr session)

On-going, except for holidays. No experience necessary. Sign up any time.


SATURDAY's day workshop 10am - 5pm Bogan House, Totnes. £40 (7hr session)

Starting Saturday 27th July. Every Saturday will cover a different skill set! TBC

Contact for more information.

Please sign up and book a place by contacting me personally, as regular places are limited and bookings are taken on a first-come-first-served basis. You can be added to the email list for regular reminders and updates by subscribing or  CONTACT JOSEPHINE 

WARNING! These are not your regular 'just-for-fun' Impro classes, although fun is key and essential for discovery. I include quite intense Method Acting exercises and games, in order to create more focus, authenticity and personal motivation. In short, these 3hr sessions or all day workshops are about SELF-DISOVERY and SELF-ACTUALISATION, as well as studying the ART FORM of ACTING itself. Psychic awareness and some in-depth psychology is reflected upon. It's about building confidence in your own gut instincts, tapping into your unconscious and your imagination (which never dies), as well as working with the common unconscious of the constellation of players you are with. Groups are small (maximum 8-10 players) because I want to be able to give full attention to each individual player.  

To find the VENUES where the classes take place, please go to my CONTACT page, where you can find addresses, google maps and locations.


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