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Josephine Larsen Acting Coach and Author


I started learning acting when I was 11 yrs old. It literally saved my life. 


Now, with a formal education (Bristol Old Vic Theatre School 1971-4) and a qualification in teaching the Performing Arts (Cert ED FE 2003), I have over 50yrs practical experience in teaching Acting and Improv skills, in 3 different languages (English, German and Danish). I am also an NLP Master Practitioner (INLPTA - 3 yrs) and have a Certificate in Humanistic Counselling and Clinical Hypnosis.


Parallel to this, I have been extraordinarily blessed with a pioneering career in Theatre, Dance, Film and Stage Direction in England and Europe; I have worked with some of the greatest artistic talents and minds. Yes - I have been very lucky indeed. My teachings have evolved out of many of my experiences in the professional theatre world, and in life, both good and bad.


Needless to say, over the years I have developed a fascination for the human creative spirit and the vital importance of SELF-ACTUALISATION through the arts. My teaching methods are drawn from a rich background in METHOD and CLASSICAL acting techniques and, above all, shaped by a unique approach to building confidence in one's SELF, through the art of ACTING and authentic SELF expression. 

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