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Josephine Larsen Acting Coach and Author

Josephine trained at BRISTOL OLD VIC THEATRE SCHOOL (1971-4) and went on to study dance for 5yrs in Copenhagen. Since then she has enjoyed a 50+yr professional career as actress, dancer, director, teacher and performance writer in Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris and UK, in a wide variety of dramatic manifestations such as Cabaret, Rock Theatre, Fringe, Classical Theatre, T.V., Film, Radio and Surreal Performance.    GALLERY


I have been been deeply involved with theatre since I was 11 yrs old. It saved my life. Without out theatre I would have been a mere shell of myself.


With a formal education (Bristol Old Vic Theatre School 1971-4) and a qualification in teaching the Performing Arts (Cert ED FE 2003), I have now had over 50yrs experience in teaching Acting and Improv skills, in 3 different languages (English, German and Danish).


Parallel to this, I have been extraordinarily blessed with a pioneering career in Theatre, Dance, Film and Stage Direction in England and Europe; I have worked with some of the greatest artistic talents and minds. Yes - I have been very lucky indeed. My teachings have evolved out of many of my experiences in the professional world, both good and bad.


Over the years I have developed a fascination for the human creative spirit and the vital importance of SELF-ACTUALISATION through the arts. My teaching methods are drawn from a rich background in METHOD and CLASSICAL acting techniques and, above all, shaped by a unique approach to building confidence in one's SELF, through the art of ACTING and authentic SELF expression. 

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