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Josephine Larsen Acting Coach and Author

Josephine trained at BRISTOL OLD VIC THEATRE SCHOOL (1971-4) and went on to study dance for 5yrs in Copenhagen. Since then she has enjoyed a 40+yr professional career as actress, dancer, director, teacher and performance writer in Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris and UK, in a wide variety of dramatic manifestations such as Cabaret, Rock Theatre, Fringe, Classical Theatre, T.V., Film, Radio and Surreal Performance.    GALLERY


When I started teaching professional acting techniques years ago in Copenhagen, it became clear to me that my students weren't necessarily interested in becoming professional actors! They sensed that acting skills could give them more confidence, creativity and playfulness in real life i.e. life skills.


In response to this, I started developing ART14 - games and improvisation challenges that would free them up from any creative inhibitions, enable them to live life in a more playful, imaginative and courageous way, and bring the best out of each individual. After the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, I taught these same skills to people starved for creative autonomy and imaginative play from the East Block, and I witnessed similar amazing transformations.


One of the first questions I ask my 'players' is 'What is acting all about?' Most people answer - 'It's pretending to be someone else.'  I say... it's actually about being yourself, all parts of yourself, the whole of YOU!!! And that's where the fun begins! 


I combine IMPRO, METHOD and CLASSICAL acting techniques with a whole range of crazy games, I have developed and invented, that anyone, from any cultural background, age (18yrs+) or need can join in with. There are 14 different levels of development, hence the name ART14, which mysteriously means 'the marriage of the opposites'. 


My groups are intentionally small (6-9 players), so that I can give each individual the attention they need. If the group or any individual is willing to be even more creative, we can organise experimental PUBLIC PERFORMANCES to challenge the player's openness, creativity and daring. 


I do also give 1-2-1 COACHING for personal development and also career advice, if someone wants to enter the profession. I mentor players in audition pieces and interview techniques for top drama schools, and have successfully enabled serious players to get into the STRASBERG School in New York; RADA in London; and BRISTOL OLD VIC THEATRE SCHOOL. 


Whatever the level you want to take it too! Acting skills encompass so much of what it is to be human and alive today.  I'd be very happy to meet you!


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