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The power of acting

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CHAPTER 1 Oases for Child-Like Play 17
An Adult Playground? 17
Is this Therapy? 24
Who Can Play? 27
The Games and Concepts 30


CHAPTER 2 Parallel Worlds 33
How it all Began and Became what it is now 33
The Acting Profession? 47
Professional Acting Techniques 50
The Ancient Phenomenon of Theatre 51


CHAPTER 3 Invisible Walls 55
The Traumas of Institutionalisation 56
Ignoring the Child Within 62
Separation 65
Presence 67


CHAPTER 4 To Be or Not to Be 69
Acting Consciously or Unconsciously 69
Stage Fright 73
The Secrets of Body Language 75
De-Mechanisation 80
The Power of the Eyes 83
The Power of the Mask 85
Truth and Transformation 89
Being Dangerous 92
Self-Awareness 97
Memory and Imagination 99
Empathy 101
Catharsis 104
Emotional Intelligence 105
The Roles We Play 108
Being Two Faced 111
Blind Spots 113
The Being Behind the Mask? 117
Mesmerism 119
The Shadow 122
The Creative Gaze 124
Generosity and Love 127


CHAPTER 5 The Games 129
PART 1 The Approach 131
PART 2 Imagination 149
PART 3 Authenticity 179
PART 4 The Underbelly 215


"This is a wonderfully helpful book regarding the importance of adults learning to play again, in order to free themselves from the oppressive everyday tramlines we follow... Josephine is a great inspiration to many people and this book will show you why." 

PETER RICHARSON - Comic Strip BBC T.V. film 2011 - Hunt for Tony Blair

"Sculptress of the creative spirit, enkindling in even our most timid selves a passion for play, interconnectedness, listening, ritual and generosity on all of life's stages, Josephine is an indelible force of love and wisdom, at once ready for a fit of laughter or all hell to break loose. For her teachings and humanity, my immeasurable gratitude! Watch out for that fourth wall; you might fall through it reading this book." 

SEUMAS SARGENT - Performer in the Blue Man Group, Berlin

"You're a rock, an inspiration, a star - I wish to heavens I had teachers like you when I was at school!!! My God, I could have done anything." 

RICHARD DOWN - a player

"My life changed beyond all recognition during the last four years of coming to your classes with many, many challenges. The safe and loving environment you created has been a great source of strength - even when I have been unable to attend! It has been a very important part of my liberation.'" 

LOUISE GOUGH - a player

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