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NEW CREATIVE PROJECT (in planning) - LEVEL 3 - professional and experienced performers only

I am currently working in collaboration with CREATIVE CULTURE SOUTH WEST, a company based in Exeter dedicated to making the arts more accessible in the South West UK. Together we are applying for ARTS COUNCIL funding.

What's the plan? To audition and find 6-8 players, who I will coach (free of charge) exploring what it takes to form a successful and sustainable CCSW IMPRO Theatre Company, with the aim of performing regularly in Exeter and at other key S.W. venues!


Please do feel free to CONTACT me, for more information or follow the link below to apply!

Or go back to the WORKSHOPS page to discover current classes in Exeter and Totnes.

Auditions 2023

CCSW are looking for actors, comedians, singers, musicians and writers to join a brand new comedy performance group, so if you would like to get involved please complete the form at the other end of the link.

The AUDITIONS take place in Exeter

Saturday 21st January

16:00 -19:00

+ Sunday 22nd January 17:30 - 20:30.


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